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What is Lead Intelligence?

Lead intelligence is a form of data capture that significantly raises your knowledge of your prospects so you can better understand their needs, communicate more effectively, narrow your focus and ultimately win their business. Lead intelligence is invaluable, particularly in a B2B environment.

If you know not just the identity of your Leads, but their interests, level of engagement, and whether they already have a relationship with someone in your organisation, the likelihood of them becoming a customer goes up significantly.

With this kind of information, you could increase the effectiveness of your prospecting, spend more time working on warm leads, communicate better and win more deals. Lead intelligence is what makes this possible.

Types of Lead Intelligence

Knowing a name, email, and phone number is just the beginning of lead intelligence. Having the following data will help tell you just how interested your leads are in your product or service, what their needs are, and how you can better connect with them.

Website Visitors

Who’s anonymously visiting your website that you don’t already know about? Given that only around 2% of website visitors fill out a form, being able to tap into that other 98% can be hugely helpful. Lead intelligence software can find a visitor’s name, contact information, and company before they ever visit a contact page.

Enrich Contact Data

If you know a name and company but don’t know how to reach them, there are tools available that can dig up and verify their email address or phone number for you.

Organisation Details

If an organisation you want to target has recently announced a new partnership, product-line or investment, you as the informed salesperson should know about it. This information can give you insight into whether or not now is the right time to approach your prospect. Updates about new hires or internal promotions can also give you an insight into whether the time is good.


If you know your ideal customer profile, and you should, then make sure your lead intelligence software is set to auto-pilot to capture any new prospects that fit your description. Knowing that someone has the credentials of your ideal customer ensures that you spend time only contacting the best-fit leads.


Knowing the volume of pages someone has visited on your website can help you understand their level of interest. Lead intelligence can go a step further and show you exactly which pages they’ve visited and how long they spent on that page, further uncovering what problems they may need help with. You can use this to tailor your communication and ask questions about. A prospect that revisits your site frequently may signal a greater level of interest.


Ideally, you also want lead intelligence software that can integrate with your email marketing platform to show you which emails a prospect opened, how long they spent reading the email, and if they clicked through on any links.

Social Media

There are many ways to connect with your targets. Knowing a LinkedIn ID or other social media profile gives you more opportunities to engage with prospects outside traditional mediums and build a relationship.

Personal Preferences

Knowing if a prospect prefers to communicate by email, phone or in person can sometimes make a  difference. Some lead intelligence software can also indicate a preferred style of negotiation, best time of day to contact, mannerisms, and questions that are most likely to receive a favourable response.

Lead Score

With information captured from all these data points, Lead Intelligence software will convert it into a lead score giving you an indication of the probability of each of your Leads becoming a customer.

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