Hatchit is a specialist CRM and Business Technology Partner.

Hatchit works with organisations of all sizes who are looking to leverage their software investment to maximise growth.

We specialise in the implementation of growth strategies through technologies such as CRM, Business Intelligence and Lead Intelligence.

We are value-added partners with an extensive range of leading global software vendors. We believe that putting together the right mix of technology and practical strategy can significantly improve your ability to scale.

You’ll find our approach to be straightforward and pragmatic. We don’t spend excess time and dollars on weeks of discovery or preparing fancy presentations. Instead, we lean on decades of business and technology experience to quickly drill down into the identifiable improvement areas, and provide to-the-point affordable advice.

Our consultations start with an assessment of your existing software systems. We’ll only proceed if both parties are confident there’s scope to significantly impact a key business metric.

Why work with Hatchit


No-nonsense advice and smart business technology

Hatchit is a one-stop shop for sales and marketing automation solutions for organisations of all sizes. All our technology services are backed with support packages to ensure you get the best outcome from your investment. We’re only happy if you are.


Product expertise

The challenges of keeping up with digital change have never been greater. There are always new products, platforms and new ways of doing things. It can be hard to know which way to turn.
Hatchit offers premium consulting services without the fuss.
You won’t get long-winded documents. You will get practical advice you can implement, and you will only get recommendations on products we’ve tried, tested and are experts at supporting.


Only experienced consultants

If you’ve ever sought professional services from a big advisory firm, you’ve probably ended up discovering that most of the legwork was being done by a junior. That won’t happen with Hatchit. Our resources go into people who have the right mix of education and experience. It’s this experience that ensures you get the advice you need to succeed and that your project goes live on time and on budget.


We only recommend what we back

Before we recommend a solution, the company and products are extensively reviewed. Among the criteria we look at is whether the technology is up to date, it’s integration capability, and if it’s quick to show value. We only recommend solutions and strategies we’ve tested and can rely on. That way we are absolutely sure of what each product is capable of, and we are not learning on the back of your investment.


Focused on your success

Our success is measured by your success. Unlike many resellers who simply sell and deliver technology, we offer specific consulting services tailored to you that ensure success and reduce risk. We work closely with you to identify the ideal strategy and provide the support services to deliver the results you expect.


Transparent Pricing

We believe that you should know what to budget for and understand what you will receive, without any vagaries or the grey areas of consulting that come back to bite later.
We’ll therefore assess and agree your needs upfront so we can confidently offer a package which includes design and delivery, training, support, and managed services.
We then aim to provide value that’s above and beyond your expectations.

Some of our customers

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We believe in leveraging the power of software using agility and imagination.

  • CRM and Data Management
  • Process Automation
  • Lead Intelligence
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Integration and Customisation
  • Implementation and Support