Technology Implementation

Having an implementation plan is one thing — executing it is another.

The processes we put in place at the outset are what drive successful adoption. We help your team understand how they should work with tech to drive positive outcomes and the steps to take to get there.

Our Implementation experts help you to:

  • Setup all your systems and get them talking to each other.
  • Assist with the movement of data between systems so your information is accurate.
  • Build and deliver reports to show exactly how your performance is improving.

What do you get from a partner?

You’ll get expertise in all aspects of software deployment from product selection, setup, customisation, integration and training.

Above all, you get the sense of being in safe hands – doing it right.

With us, you also get the benefits of growth enablement. This means we work with you to help find the processes, people, and technology you need to exceed your goals. And we do it all from a growth perspective – everything should show a return on investment, be it in revenue growth or time saving.

Our products and services aren’t unique – but our creativity and tenacity are. Straight-forward thinking you can follow, with a dash of hustle when needed.

Hatchit – your Software Partner

Hatchit is proudly independent and supports multiple software products in New Zealand.

Let us help you select, deploy and manage your software.

If you need to integrate with other products or a custom solution to meet your goals then please get in touch.