Chatbot Services

Improve Sales, Service and Response Rates
Remove Friction
Personalise Conversations with Artificial Intelligence

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are fast becoming a digital necessity!

Whether its to greet and engage new website visitors, pre-qualifying prospective customers who have visited before, or ensure existing customers are being supported right when they need it, Chatbots are a great way to help your prospects and customers find answers on their own terms when they need them.

Free your real-life employees from working on tasks that can be automated.

Our Chatbot Services are specifically designed to help you have meaningful conversations with your current and prospective customers.

Hatchit will build frictionless bots tailored to your specific needs. The opportunities with bots are truly endless.

Power your conversations with Chatbots

Why you might need a Chatbot

Chatbots provide a unique opportunity to automate the tasks your prospects and customers expect in real-time, including:

  • Improve the response rate on your website or live chat helpdesk.
  • Convert more anonymous visitors into leads and contacts by providing frictionless support, without forms.
  • Streamline customer service by answering FAQs or use smart technology to determine when a human is required.
  • Personalise customer experiences with the help of AI, making the conversation more relevant and contextual.
  • Pre-qualify prospects and convert more opportunities for your sales team with unlimited scale.

What do you get from a Chatbot?

You get an extra employee that doesn’t rest, eat or need breaks.

Many organisations have employees who perform a lot of repetitive tasks that take up their time.

While these tasks are necessary to keep your business going, Chatbots can easily manage many of these tasks while letting employees focus on other areas of the organisation. For example, Chatbots can qualify prospects based on pre-written scripts to ask the right questions, then can route that lead to the right answer – or person – depending on their specific responses.

Chatbots guarantee all your customer and prospect interactions are captured automatically, without shortcutting your process or making human errors!

What do you get from a technology partner?

You’ll get expertise in all aspects of deployment from product selection, best-practice setup, customisation, integration and training.

Above all, you get the sense of being in safe hands – do it once, do it right.

With us, you get the guarantee of a smooth implementation. We’re vendor-neutral which means we work with you to find the processes, people, and technology you need to exceed your goals.

Everything we do will show a direct return on investment, be it in revenue growth or time saving.

It’s about straight-forward thinking you can follow, with a dash of hustle when needed.

The Leading Chatbots in NZ

Hatchit – your Chatbot Partner

Hatchit is an independent software consulting firm, specialising in CRM, Client Management and Digital Marketing software in New Zealand.

We work with organisations of all sizes to select, set up, and leverage their software through a wide range of services that include implementation, training and support.

If you need a custom chatbot solution to meet your goals then please get in touch.