Intercom – Be There Where and When Your Customers Need You Most

Intercom is the Engagement OS, an open channel between your organisation and your customers—in your product, in the moment, and on their terms—creating ongoing conversations that enable both you and your customers to get the best experience from every engagement across the customer journey.

Marketing teams engage across every touchpoint. Drive activation within your product and on multi-channel campaigns, demo’s and surveys.

Sales teams convert more leads to customers. Accelerate conversion rates and acquire more customers with personalised experiences, Account Based Marketing, chatbots and automated meeting scheduling.

Support teams can support customers at scale. Provide personalised help around the clock with proactive self-service, and interactive human support.

Intercom Features

  • Automated Answers. Machine learning to accelerate resolution times through question recognition.
  • Product Tours. Introduce customers to your product or onboard them with guided experiences that drive adoption
  • Live Chat. Customisable experiences to chat directly in your product when the time is right.
  • Help Centre Articles. Deliver faster answers for customers, fewer questions for you.
  • No code. Create new targeted experiences that drive action with drag and drop campaign builders.
  • Targeted Account Engagement. User recognition and personalised interactions.
  • Split testing. Test your messaging and campaigns to determine which experience perform best.
  • Analytics and Insights. Capture detailed analytics that help you measure effectiveness and make improvements.
  • Automated Scheduling of Meetings. Book sales demo’s or support calls live and in the moment.
  • Smart Integrations with your existing tech stack.

Engage customers when they’re most likely to take action

Intercom’s customer engagement software creates a direct channel to your customers in your product, app, or website—where and when you have their attention.

Start making the most of every engagement.

Deliver a connected customer experience on the engagement OS

Hatchit – your Intercom Partner

Hatchit helps enable growth through the implementation of Intercom solutions.

We work with organisations of all sizes to select, set up, and implement Intercom omni-channel campaigns through a wide range of services.

  • Setup and Configuration of Bots and Knowledge Base
  • Optimise your Engage, Support or Conversion Campaigns
  • Recommend Improvements
  • Training and Support