Lead Generation

Fresh contact data for over 300 million people and 14 million organisations, globally. Instantly cleaned and verified through LeadFuze.

Whether you need to build prospect lists for sales, account-based marketing or targeted recruitment, LeadFuze is the answer. With more search parameters and verification methods you can trust the data you find to be accurate, current and usable. 

Using A.I and automation you can build your search criteria then sit back and let Fuzebot (the LeadFuze A.I assistant) do the repetition for you.

Imagine you want a highly targeted list of people with emails, phone numbers, and social profiles for…

CFO’s anywhere in New Zealand within the Computer Software industry with 21+ employees that also spends $500/mnth on Adwords who is hiring for sales roles and who just recently announced an integration partnership.

With LeadFuze you can run searches as deep as this and have them automatically added to your CRM.


Lead Intelligence You Can Use

Search Features:

  • Email, phone, social profiles.
  • Background – full insights including experience, skills, education.
  • Ad targeting – personal and company details to build social audiences.
  • Ad spend – qualify leads based on their spend.
  • Account based or market based.
  • Employee lists.
  • Companies hiring by role – search by keyword or title.
  • New partnerships, appointments or expansions – search by recent announcements.
  • Technologies used – website type, forms or software used.
  • Workflows to automatically trigger campaigns.


  • Ignore List – avoid contacts, customers or competitors.
  • De-duplication – avoid leads you’ve already got.
  • Verification – double verified emails for 0% bounce rates.
  • Artificial Intelligence – build and keep adding to your lists as new leads meet your criteria.

Hatchit – your LeadFuze Partner

Hatchit is pleased to support LeadFuze in New Zealand.

If you need to build a contact list then LeadFuze is the best way to do it. Let us help you set it up, integrate with your CRM/database, and set up the workflows to put your outreach on auto-pilot.

For support or further information please contact us or click here for a free trial and a bonus 25 free leads.