The Relationship Intelligence & Sales Automation Platform

Introhive is an Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) Platform that works alongside your current business technology to accelerate growth and improve your insights into the relationships that exist across your business.    

Identify who knows who who across your entire company. Introhive analyses all of your organisation’s relationships and maps them together. This leads to internal collaboration on key accounts and warm introductions that accelerate the business development and sales process.

Let artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data automation help your business teams improve sales productivity, build deeper customer relationships, and increase data accuracy of information in CRM.

Introhive works not just throughout your internal systems but also scans for information publicly available data ensuring your data is current, accurate and sourced without the hours of manual data entry.

Suitable as a tool for Enterprise clients who run disparate sales teams and/or have a large and broad range of interactions with it’s clients.

* Introhive works best if it’s integrated within Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, but aspects of the platform can be utilised independently.  Contact us for more information.

Introhive Features

  • Contact Sync – automate time spent updating information in CRM
  • Relationship Intelligence Automation – mapping for business teams
  • Automate CRM data clean up – scan internal and external for accurate data
  • Improve CRM adoption and engagement – trust that the data you have is accurate
  • Pre-Meeting insight reports – data from a range of sources to ensure you know what you should
  • Post-Meeting notes and activity updates – automatically sync back to CRM via an automated email

Hatchit – your Introhive Partner

If you’re interested to see if Introhive can improve your data accuracy, insights and business relationships then get in touch for a demo.

If Introhive is right for you then we will take care of the setup, integration and individual configuration as well as provide ongoing support.

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