Why Marketing Automation?

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Why Marketing Automation?

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If your business is growing then it’s probably in some way to do with your sales and marketing efforts. Continued growth however, usually reaches a plateau when you can no longer effectively scale the same operation. Productivity reaches capacity sooner or later.

Adding more staff is one answer, but it’s not always best. You have to recruit them, house them, train them, pay them and so on. Getting it wrong can be expensive and time consuming. It can set your plans back months or more.

If yours is the type of business where the initial qualification process lends itself to email then Marketing Automation could be a cost effect alternative. By providing your leads with automated information about your business when they are in the early stages of interest, it will allow your salespeople to be more effective as they are only dealing with prospects when they are pre-qualified. Your customers enjoy it more as they only engage with sales when they are ready.

Even after a purchase, automation can help continue to educate and train your customer on your product or service to help them maximise their investment and become champions. Perhaps buying more, or something else, from you.

Marketing Automation

People who visit your website, even if they’ve left their details, may not be ready to purchase straight away and could be turned away if they feel they’ve been enrolled in a sales process too soon.

Marketing automation is about keeping in touch, keeping your brand in your prospects mind and making it easy to contact you when the time is right for them. It’s often referred to as nurturing.

Marketing automation software is the tools that allows you to build the framework to keep in touch without a real person being behind every conversation. Most people are used to it now and are happy to have information sent to them by email if they’ve actively asked for it.

Getting it right is not necessarily easy if you’re new to it and you can accidentally turn customers off if you get it wrong. You need some time, some technical skills, useful content and the right tools for your business.

Hatchit provides onboarding, training, help with content creation and ongoing management of your marketing automation platform.


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