What is Your CRM Strategy?

CRM Strategy

What is Your CRM Strategy?

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Recently I’ve seen a few cases where business owners have outgrown their existing ways of managing client information, usually disparate spreadsheets, and have decided it’s time to invest in a CRM. It’s not wrong, but I always ask why just to see what their specific reasons are – what are they actually trying to achieve. Quite often the answers are slightly vague, as if it’s just a natural progression or that by implementing a CRM it’s going to improve sales.

By not having a clear goal, or set of goals, documented upfront you’re on a fast track to a failed CRM implementation. Sure, you’ll have installed some software but all you really have is still just a glorified spreadsheet.  There should be at least 1 thing you want to achieve and can measure.

Better data management, improved sales forecasting, automation of manual processes – they’re all valid examples, but where are you at now, where do you want to be, and what does success look like?

StrategyCRM is only as good as the people operating it. And they’ll only operate it well if it’s designed to help them. If your planning is precise then you’ll have a much better chance of delivering a successful project.

Grab our CRM requirements checklist from the Resources section and have a read of our implementation guide before you start heading down the wrong track.

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