Real-Time Performance Measurement

Plecto is the data visualisation software that helps you motivate your employees to reach new highs and stay on top of your goals.

Stay on top of your performance by having your most important KPIs on real-time dashboards at your fingertips and find new ways to motivate and engage by acknowledging individual and team successes.

Easy integration with current business systems and in just a few clicks you’re able to pull and visualise data to any screen from the software you use today.

Create reports with automatically updated numbers and export them to Excel and PowerPoint for presentations. Schedule to receive outputs daily, weekly, or at any time that suits you.

Plecto Features

Real-Time Dashboards

Visualise performance numbers on TV’s in the office or on any screen.

Instant Notifications

Recognise and celebrate success as it happens.

Real-Time Reports

Save time with instantly generate reports.


Set up contests using any KPI


Challenge and reward good performance by setting records and giving awards.

Individual Monitoring

Set employee targets and follow progress in real-time.


50+ pre-built as well as API access.

Hatchit – your Plecto Partner

Hatchit is pleased to support Plecto in New Zealand.

Wherever your data is stored – CRM, spreadsheet, finance platform or any other software program we’ll help you extract and upload it to Plecto to build performance dashboards you can use.

Visualising data at glance will allow you to spend more time making data-based decisions and less time trying to figure out the numbers.

For support or further information please contact us.