Visualise and Close More Deals

Pipedrive is the activity-based CRM used by over 95,000 sales teams. It’s a simple to use and smart looking CRM that has been designed by salespeople for salespeople. It’s simple to get started, but powerful enough to adapt to any sales process and works seamlessly with hundreds of other tools.

Pipedrives CRM philosophy is based on controlling the activities that drive the outcomes – not solely focusing on the results alone, which can be largely uncontrollable. Whenever an activity is completed it reminds you to set a new one, keeping activity-based selling at the front of it’s users minds.

Pipedrive has a really clean interface and is centred around a visual pipeline with drag and drop screens. It is a popular choice for many small to mid-sized businesses and teams that want a sales tool with an intuitive interface and customisable features.

Pipedrive Features

  • Pipeline Management – clear visual interface that prompts action.
  • Email Integration – send and receive from inside Pipedrive.
  • Activities and Goals – Nothing is missed with reminders, mobile notifications and alerts.
  • Sales Reporting and Forecasting – understand strengths and weaknesses of your pipeline.
  • Mobile App’s – makes it easy for field reps to log calls, see what customers are nearby, take notes and add photo’s to deals.
  • Integrates with over 600 apps including full Google apps integration.
  • Full API for development of custom features or connectivity.

Pipedrive is about making deals easier for salespeople to manage through visualisation and activity management. It will fit perfectly in a sales-centric organisation that wants to get it’s team organised and confident about making sales.

Hatchit – your Pipedrive Partner

We work with Pipedrive customers looking to gain a competitive advantage from implementing activity-based selling. We help design your process then tune up sales and never miss a beat.

If you’d like a demo, need support or require further information please contact us.

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