Low-Code Platform for Process Management and CRM

Creatio provides one of the world’s leading low-code platforms for business process management and CRM.

Embracing the concept that “everyone is a developer” its intelligent products allow organisations to accelerate their sales, marketing, service and operations through drag and drop templates mapped to your processes.

The process designer allows for building processes of any complexity. Case management tools help manage and automate any unstructured processes whilst the powerful BPM engine enables multiple processes to perform simultaneously. Visual analytics tools and AI help detect bottlenecks and optimise your processes.

Operating in 110 countries Creatio has been highly recognised internationally as a market leader for Low-Code Process Management.

Creatio Features


Use powerful and flexible low-code tools to custom design new applications and make enhancements to existing workflows.

This includes user interfaces and business logics, defining data models, setting up machine learning models for better decision-making.


End-to-end sales management platform
to accelerate sales processes of any complexity.

Keep relationships on track with Artificial Intelligence and analyse the customer database to identify the areas that can fuel your growth.


Multichannel marketing platform to design customer journeys and accelerate lead-to-conversion rates.

Apply no-code tools to build segmented audiences based on demographic and behavioural data.

Provide targeted communications to leads, prospects and customers, and develop effective marketing campaigns for each segment.


An intelligent full-cycle service management platform.

Unify communications in a single environment to provide a seamless user experience, and personalise your interactions with customers through their preferred channels, including via phone, emails, chat or a Self-Service portal.

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Hatchit – your Creatio Partner

We have highly qualified and experienced Creatio consultants.

If you have unique businesses processes you’re looking to automate or want to design a platform in a low-code environment for your organisation then get in touch to find out more about how we can help deploy your solution smoothly.

For support or further information on Creatio products please contact us.