The intelligent platform for data analysis.

ClicData connects all your data, whatever the format, into a single location making BI simpler and more accessible to all types of businesses.

Complete with a Data Warehouse, Dashboard Designer and Automation, ClicData has over 250 ready sources of data it connects to and over 50 pre-built templates.

If your data source isn’t already available then you can connect ClicData to any API, REST or SOAP using any type of authentication, from Basic to OAuth2 or AWS Signature.

Dashboards are interactive, mobile friendly and there’s the ability to white-label and embed elsewhere.

“The fact that it links with our CRM and our website and Facebook and pretty much every other system we use means that we have one central place to look for the high level information we need.”


ClicData Features


  • 200+ native integrations.
  • 50+ pre-built report templates.
  • API to integrate any data.
  • Dashboard designer.
  • Data preparation and cleansing capabilities.
  • Drag-and-drop dashboard creation features.
  • Automated data refreshes and alerts.
  • White Label.

Data Connection

All your data connected simply, regardless of format, in one secure place (Azure). No need to extract data every time you want an updated report saving you a heap of time.

Automated Data Processing

No more copy/pasting or data extraction. Stay on top of performance with automated data refresh. Daily, weekly, monthly, whatever you need.

Share with your Teams

Collaborate and share with your colleagues in one click. Access your business KPIs from anywhere on the web and mobile app.

Hatchit – your ClicData Partner

Wherever your data is stored – database, csv, CRM, or any other software program – we’ll help you access and upload it to ClicData to build intelligent dashboards.

Start making data-based decisions and spend less time on painful number crunching. Visualise your data at glance.

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