Building Your Sales Pipeline – eBook

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In the B2B and direct-to-consumer markets, the traditional sales cycle is changing. Linear buying journeys where customers are taken through stages by a BDM are becoming outdated.

In this guide, you will find  actionable tips and best practices to help you prospect and build pipeline within your target market. Including:

  • Reassessing your ideal customer profile (ICP) and buyer personas.  
  • Gaining deeper insights into prospective industries.  
  • The added value of including the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in sales conversations.  
  • Personalisation vs. relevancy. 
  • Utilising social selling to become more relevant within your target market.  
  • Understanding the specific role you are pitching to.  
  • Successful ways to engage with the C-suite.  
  • Replacing traditional marketing CTA (calls-to-action) with conversations.
  • Creative ways to boost remote team motivation.